On 2 May 1991, 12 Croatian policemen were killed at Borovo by Serb militia. (source

(source)> At the beginning of May 1991 Serb rebel terrorists from Borovo Selo (Vukovar area) tortured and wounded and placed in captivity two Croatian policemen. The Croatian government quickly sent a convoy of special police whose task was to rescue the two policemen and restore order.

Serbs ambushed the convoy as it entered the village, killing 12 policemen and wounding 21. When the Croatian police retreated, Serb rebels mutilated the dead bodies of Croatian policemen with axes and knives.

Ambulance vehicles from Vukovar hospital arrived soon to the horrible scene. But some Ambulance vehicles had Serbian crews who on arrival started throwing hand grenades on wounded Croatian policemen.

The road to a terrible war was opened – the rebel Serbs, soon joined by the Serbian-led Yugoslav People’s Army, were never going to accept Croatia’s secession from communist Yugoslavia and Croatia’s independence.

Borovo Selo massacres had shown to what heinous ways the Serb rebels were prepared to go in achieving their goal.

On 2nd May 2012 a dignified procession through Borovo Selo carrying the new memorial plaque for the monument to the massacred Croatian policemen marked the 21st anniversary of the massacre. Silence, the stone plaque and photographs of the massacred policemen marked the event, stirring profound emotions of sadness and pain.


2015 - Young cetniks rampage in Vukovar and Baranja (Croatia), while the police only harasses Croats source
The Serbian extremists wreaked havoc in Borovo Selo and the village Uglješ, singing cetnik songs. Instead of arrested and, if possible - expelled from Croatia, Ostoja Ranković's militia harassed Croats in Jagodnjak who were accused of provocating the Serbs. How do you think masked Al-Qaeda muslims would be received in New York?

2011 - Borovo Selo, a monument to twelve police officers was desecrated. Someone wiped the wax from lit lanterns on a monument, then stomped all the lampposts and candles at the foot of the monument. (source

Cetnik monument in Borovo selo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"They gave their lives for freedom, for freedom to the Serb people - glory to them, Beli orlovi," scandalous inscriptions on cetnik monuments and graves in Borovo selo. A casual walker unknowingly of the bloody Croatian history could easily conclude that he was walking on a Serbian soil where Serbian "heroes" and, consequently, "Croatian aggressors" were buried. The monumental monument is only 200 meters away from the one erected for twelve Croatian police officers, whose deaths to this day nobody has been brought to court or held accountablesource