Milan Zlatović (11.01.1961), a cetnik who led Croatian policemen to torture and liquidations lives peacefully in Buzet; source

Cetnik Ace Vučić who destroyed and fired in our country lives peacefully a few meters from the police (in Vrginmost). source

Mirko Ljubišić, one of the villains from Ovčara, who was part of the Volunteer Serb units during the Homeland War, who has not been held responsible for his crimes lives in Vukovar and receives Croatian pension (source)

Spasoje Petković – Štuka, a cetnik who is so revolting that it's hard to translate even a bit from his demonic words. His wish is to return to Vukovar where he slaughtered Croats and still believes in a Greater Serbia. source

M.N., a Serbian soldier guilty of war crimes, lives now in Croatia and has opened a dental office source

Siniša Zekanović, owner of the restaurant "Dunavska golubica" in Vukovar (!), war criminal