2013 - Vukovar was declared a city of piety. What Auschwitz is to the jews, that is what Vukovar is to Croats. Cyrillic in Vukovar is what the swastika is in Auschwitz – unacceptable. Vukovar is a sacred city, but it is also an eerie city, where the birds stopped singing a long time ago. Humanity must never forget the horror of Vukovar, and yet, that horror continues on today. source

2013> A river of citizens from across Croatia spilled into Vukovar Saturday 2 February (more than 20,000) to protest against the government’s intent to introduce Cyrillic script (Serbian language) along the Latin one (Croatian language) on public places or official signage. Although police presence was significant the event proceeded without incidents. Organised by the Committee for Defence of Croatian Vukovar, the rally carried its main slogan: Cyrillic Never in Vukovar. Banners with slogans “We defended Vukovar, not Bykobap” source

2014> (source) Marijan Živković sentenced to prison because of breaking the bilingual sign in Vukovar. Two of his sons were killed in the Homeland War. The killers of his sons have still not been prosecuted. No one is found guilty or accused. "It is difficult to live with the knowledge that you do not know where your child is and how he came to an end. For 25 years I do not know where to burn a candle" (source)
2018> (source) New trial for Marijan Živković for breaking the bilingual panel, who said he was speechless and disappointed.
(source>)Tomislav Josić, president of the Croatian Defense Forces Vukovar (SOHV) and president of the Vukovar County Council of Ministers on the repetition of the trial "I wish the Croatian state invested so much effort and time to condemn those who killed in Vukovar, Ovčara, Velepromet, but it is obvious that they are more likely to condemn Marijan than those who committed crimes in 1991 in Vukovar"

And again the sign was destroyed by someone, source
The Croatian people do not want the sign up there, they fought for Vukovar, not for Bykobap! 

2013 (source) Croatian singer, Mate Mišo Kovać released a song in late 1991 – “Grobovi Vam nikad oprostite neće” (The graves will never forgive you). “You” was the connotation for Serb rebels that went on a killing spree in Croatia. Quickly, the song became the unofficial anthem for the war in Croatia, and the fall of Vukovar. Whenever I hear the song, I am swept over with emotion, and the disturbing pictures of Vukovar start to roll through my mind.

After months of calling for a meeting, Premier Zoran Milanović met yesterday with the Headquarters for the Defense of Vukovar (Stožer za obranu grada Vukovara) in a last ditch attempt to bring resolution to the controversy of Cyrillic signage in Vukovar. 

The 4 hour meeting did not bring much resolution. The president of the Defense of Vukovar, Tomislav Josić, admits that no concrete plans have been made. They took advantage of the 4 hours with the premier, to ‘educate’ him on the current day issues that plague this broken city, and to remind him of the bloodshed taken place 22 years ago. It is unimaginable that ordinary citizens need to educate the premier of Croatia on the biggest tragedy that country has seen in modern day history?!?! If it wasn’t so sad – I’d be laughing.

The Croatian government has been given a 15 day ultimatum for the Cyrillic signs to be replaced with the old Latin only signs. In the meantime, the premier has decided to pull all police personnel that have been safeguarding the signs.

This morning in Vukovar the signs were still up but with no police presence. Many people are disappointed and frustrated with the lack of resolution, but the battle is still not over. Mr. Milanović, the Croatian people will not forgive you and neither will the graves.

 2018> Hrvoje Galić's Elementary School in Požeško Koprivnica (Pleternica) banalizes the case of math tasks given to his students in cyrillic by the teacher M.K.P. (full name?) source

2019> On Sunday, July 14, 2019 HRT published a major report in Dnevnik on the introduction of the Cyrillic alphabet in Vukovar. They interviewed citizens, and one of them called the Cyrillic alphabet "his basic letter" and said that he "saw no reason why it should not be introduced" ... Here is a possible reason; the interviewed figure is Svetislav Vidakovic, Lieutenant of the occupying Greater Serbian JNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! source

2019 The Constitutional Court unconstitutionally forces the Cyrillic alphabet (source)