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In October 1991, the villages Lovas and Opatovac experienced a great tragedy due to Serbian aggression and temporary occupation.
Evil had taken place especially the village of Lovas. Lovas was temporarily occupied on October 10, 1991, and Opatovac on October 14, in the same year.
In Lovas a mass grave from which 68 victims were exhumed was found, while another 10 were exhumed from individual tombs. The mass grave of Lovas by number of victims, unfortunately, is the largest after those in Ovčara. The burial of all victims was carried out on March 21, 1998. Unfortunately, this is not the final balance of the harm suffered by the locals of Lovas Municipality in the Homeland War, as 89 people were killed or died, and one person still missing.

Murders, torture, white tape on the arms of Croats as a sign of recognition and national affiliation, torture and rape of women, forced labor ... were just part of everyday horrors. Humiliation and torture of locals Lovas and Opatovac, camps ... burned and devastated church of St. Mihael in Lovas, about 250 years old,  shattered crosses and crucifixes around the village, murders in the chapel of St. Florijana at the cemetery, terrible murders of young people, murder of 11 women, children, the elderly, cruel killings in houses, streets, garages and cellars ...
On October 18, 1991, a group of 51 Croats from Lovas were forced by the JNA and Cetniks to clean the minefields. In this cruel crime 21 Croats were killed and 14 were wounded. 

A large number of locals from Lovas were tortured in the most brutal manner by Serbian occupiers. Men and women were hit with shawls, rods, cables ... The horrors of torture were terrible. Examples of this are: tooth extraction and salting on the wounds, torture of electric shocks, drilling of a leg with a drill, wounding with knives ... all aimed at ethnic cleansing and destruction of everything that was Croatian or not Serbian.

The indictment of the Serbian Prosecutor's Office for War Crimes charged 14 people suspected of committing a war crime - murder of 70 civilians in Lovas as members of the JNA, local territorial authorities and paramilitary units "Dušan Silni" in October 1991. The Trial Chamber of the High Court of Justice of the Belgrade War Crimes Chamber, after four years of trial on 26 June 2012, pronounced a conviction that was annulled at the beginning of 2014. A new trial is still pending.