Croatia said no to a misleading treaty that pretends to protect women. Who actually reads the document sees it opens a lot of doors for a country to get destroyed within. Migrants will not be allowed to send back, paedophilia would be legalized and God denied by pushing the gender ideology.
The state will decide how YOU raise your children instead. An Orwellian nightmare. 
The UK is a perfect example, read about Alfie Evans, a two-year-old British boy with Christian parents who was sentenced to die (source), eventhough the Polish president said the boy should be saved, and the Italians wanted to give him citizenship to bring him to Rome. (source). The judge that sentenced the boy to die, is a judge who is member of the Bar Lesbian and Gay Group“ (BLAGG). (source)

Istanbul Convention
Article 3 - Definitions f .:
"Women" includes girls under the age of 18
Hellooo? A girl of 4, or 5, or 6 years is a woman? What is this? Girls are girls, children have the right to childhood, children need to be protected. Do not touch children!!!
Article 60 and 61 also conveniently mentions that a country cannot send back refugees from the where they came from.
(source, download the treaty PDF here)

24.03.2018 NO to the anti-Christian Istanbul Convention, 'Let's Preserve Our Children and Homeland of Pedophilia and Satanism! (see video)

"Our estimates are that currently there are 50-70 thousand people at the protest", said the police.  Groups like the Bad Blue Boys were not allowed to join by the police which is worth mentioning. 

Banners, flags 'Jesus is King', St. Michael, songs of Thompson are sang.
Prime Minister of Croatia (HDZ) Andrej Plenković called out as the betrayer of the nation and a modern pagan/heathen. 'HDZ, traitor! Andrej, traitor!'

See a few pictures here (source)

This massive demonstration was organized without financing, spontaneously and naturally. Within a few days (3-4!!!), the people organized themselves, offering free transport to each other. 

'The Croats have been calling for a referendum this day, 24.03.2018, spontaneously and not organized, and the next time if their voices are not heard, they will not only seek a referendum' (as been stated on several pages).

The Croatian church once again stands firmly with the people.
See more pictures on the page of Don Damir Stojić source
Cardinal Bozanić: "Jesus is not a populist who wants to be liked by all, and neither is the church" source

At the beginning of the demonstration the police counted 50.000 people, a fact that the media accidentally mentioned, as they repeated the lie constantly it were only 5000 source

Later it would become public that the Minister of Interior of Croatia, formerly served as Minister of Defence Davor Božinović, ordered the police to change the number into 5000, which explains why the media would persistently  speak about 5000 participants. Orders from higher hand.

In 2009 (source), Steven Chu, Nobel Prize winner and Obama's energy minister named Croatian physicist dr. Davor Pavuna as one of the reviewers of projects at the U.S. Department of Energy. Pavuna graduated from the Science and Mathematics Faculty in Zagreb. He got his doctor’s degree from Cambridge University. He additionally specialised in France, Australia, America and India. He has lived the past 22 years in Lausanne, where he is a physics professor at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale. Pavuna published more than 150 scientific papers and a text book on superconductivity in English. This world scientist, Davor Pavuna says about the Istanbul Convention: pedophilia is hiding in the genetic ideology! Croatia is in the grip of British secret service and British masonry (source

The Istanbul convention further more wants to erase the differences between man and woman. This not only goes against any healthy brain, human logic, but is absolutely anti-christian. Croatia is a Christian country; God created a man and a woman. To force an anti-christian ideology upon a Christian nation means you want to destroy it's faith, it's culture and deny it's history. 


Left: Jesus is King!        Right:   Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission) grabbing Plenković's ass (source)                                                                        

Just look at jugo-fascist propaganda from (truth left, false right) and its pedophile maniacal owner! source

There should be a petition to ban, this page is responsible for spreading so much hate and false news messages that everybody could sue the index and authors every day. Which is also the reason Matija Babić had to sell the index, due to a lawsuit.

The founder of, Matija Babić, the son of a JNA officer,
known for hanging out with cetniks, who's favorite hobby is to 
verbally attack 'ustasa supporters' online,
likes to grab men as well, just like Jean-Claude Juncker,
and therefore supports the IK  source


'Thousands of Croatian far-right supporters march in Zagreb' writes Dusan Stojanovic (fake news, biased)| for the Washington Post (AP March 24 2018)
Quoting: Since joining the EU in 2013, Croatia’s population has been drifting toward the far right, including some who deny the Holocaust and have re-appraised the pro-Nazi Croatian Ustasha regime that ruled the country during World War II. source

Quoting a comment from that article as well, because it cannot be put better in words than already done by this commenter 'zadarcro' about the distasteful way Dusan Stojanovic wrote the article: 

This article is a perfect example of deceitful propaganda. On what basis can peaceful citizens who legally and democratically express their opinion on gender characterization be considered as "far rightists" (a term used to discredit and suppress opposing opinion). It is stated that "some" in Croatia deny the Holocaust and have pro-Nazi sympathies. This is undoubtedly true but then "some" in the USA, UK, France, Sweden and other countries also fall in this category. However, there is not a single representative of a far right party in the Croatian parliament while far right parties receive 25% of the vote or more in many Western European countries. 

Did any of the demonstraters express opinions denying the Holocaust or support pro-Nazi views? They did not. So why is this mentioned in the article? It is obviously mentioned to vilify and disparage legitimate views that the author does not agree with. This is blatantly biased reporting.

Interestingly, counter-protesters - who undoubtedly perceive themselves as liberals and progressives - tried to drown out the speeches at the rally. Is this not the real problem? Is the attempt to stifle free speech not something that should be adressed and a cause for concern for truly freedom-loving people?

I consider myself a liberal in the classical sense of the word who believes in the words of Voltaire “I wholly disagree with what you say and will contend to the death for your right to say it.” I wish that the false liberals ans so-called progressives would abide by these words.


A more neutral article can be found on Reuters> source

Above Times of Israel, another propaganda article. 

eft pic, media announces a rally had 120.000 participants. Right, same square different rally (the anti IC rally), media announces it were only 5000 participants
More pictures of this massive protest source

After the event reached international coverage, the police looked like fools, unable to count, which caused the national police synidate to write the following.
(save the pics above if you want to be able to read the content) "The National Police Syndicate came to the knowledge that the police officers to whom they are engaged and regularly participate in organizing and conducting public gathering measures have initially established that about 50,000 people participate in the same public gathering in order to make 15 minute after this first statement, after the intervention of the political peak, this number was reduced to 5,000 protesters." - quote from the letter the police syndicate sent to the minister Davor 'Pinocchio' Božinović sourcesource

While the demonstration took place in Zagreb, in Rijeka a church was attacked, glass broken. Cannot be a coincidence as the churches are with the Croatian people and stand firmly against the demonic teachings of the Istanbul convention source

Davor Božinović however stands firm that it was around 2/3 thousands participants and that what concerns him, it's a closed case. The people on social media networks rewarded his incompetence and will to persistently lie by giving him a big Pinocchio nose








   according to Davor Božinović there were 5000 participants, 65000 were waiting for the tram

 Listen to how minister Nada 'Pinocchio' Murganić was caught in lies, madam pretends as if the Istanbul Convention is a sure thing that nobody can stop (source)


(source) What did Istanbul bring the first country that ratified it? Number of victims has quadrupled! Dilek Yardim was the mother of two children, a girl of four and two years. She was 26 when her husband Ali Yardim, with whom she was in the divorce case, killed her. This happened on 3 January this year, almost five years after Turkey ratified the Istanbul Convention.

The murders do happen, no conventions can prevent them or their intentions, but the case is interesting because Dilek has long asked for a system in Turkey to protect her and her children from a violent husband who beat her, even wounded her with a knife. She was in the process of divorce, and she has asked a very long time to the services, the government, NGOs (leader Grevia is a Turk from a local NGO that protects women!), courts, anybody at all, to take care of her and her girls. But the court ruled that Ali had the right to see the girls once a week, in her home, without the presence of Dilek. She could not convince her that her husband was dangerous to girls - until one day he called Ali and said, "I killed your daughters. Are you satisfied now?"


Croatia is not Turkey. Turkey has 99% of its population as muslims. Combine this fact with the fact that child brides in Europe on the rise due to muslim migrants and do the math why this Istanbul convention included article 3f: "women” includes girls under the age of 18.  By the end of July 2016, almost 1,500 minors with Muslim backgrounds were registered in Germany as married, including 361 under the age of 14!


From an article on;

'On the face of it the Convention in general is the obedient adherence to Marxist-Feminist ideology. The problem here is also one of twisted logic, Croatia’s Marxist-feminist NGO’s instead of fighting against the Convention portraying women as the most important victims of violence, as opposed to men, go about pushing for its ratification, hence delivering a strong damaging blow to the progress for women’s equality status in society the feminist movements, away from Marxist ideologies, have achieved so far.

As a Marxist-feminist document the Convention has the potential of dividing any society let alone the one like Croatia that is struggling terribly to rid itself of its communist/socialist heritage. One should not forget that the European Commission was at the time of the document’s creation lead by Jose Manuel Barroso (a Maoist) and the justice department of the EU was lead by Viviane Reding, a Marxist-feminist crusader.

Marxist feminists use Marxist concepts, but they see the exploitation of women as they key feature of family life.

The gender ideologue’s worldview is visible from the very title of the document and in the Preamble of the document it says the following:

“Recalling the basic principles of international humanitarian law, and especially the Geneva Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War (1949) and the Additional Protocols I and II (1977) thereto;

Condemning all forms of violence against women and domestic violence;

Recognizing that the realization of de jure and de facto equality between women and men is a key element in the prevention of violence against women;

Recognizing that violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between women and men, which have led to domination over, and discrimination against, women by men and to the prevention of the full advancement of women…”

First of all, aiming for the de facto equality between women and men was already tried by the Soviet Union and the Marxist governments that ruled over Eastern Europe until 1989, including former Yugoslavia. As history proved, that did not work out well.

Second, “recognizing” that “it is men’s fault” is just feminist ideology – not a fact.

So there you go, from the paragraphs of the Preamble of the Istanbul Convention we have Marxist concepts taking centre stage.

And the Convention is also “recognizing” some other aspects of the gender hate-ideology in its Preamble:

“Recognizing the structural nature of violence against women as gender-based violence, and that violence against women is one of the crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men.”'  click here for the full article

Source Despite the “slick spin” from PM Andrej Plenkovic, there was “No Change” in the Church’s position regarding the Istanbul Convention and its introduction of “gender ideology”.

Plenkovic is starting to feel the pressure and has resorted to intimidation tactics and propaganda in an effort to silence his opposition. This is not surprising, Plenkovic was trained by Brussels; he is loyal to the EU first and they are pushing for its ratification. Plenkovic probably does not even understand the Convention, but he will not buck the EU either. While rather pathetic, this strategy is starting to backfire on him.

** “Archbishop Puljić hasn't made any great turnabout in the Church's stance about the Istanbul Convention but has rather given Prime Minister Andrej Plenković the opportunity to stop the ratification and get back to dialogue with all social stakeholders," Željka Markić of the “In the Name of the Family” association told Hina.



Another major protest against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention and the “gender ideology” and paedophilia it promotes was held in Split on April 12 (Thursday) at 6pm on the Split boulevard (Riva).

Taxi companies Udruga Radio taxi Split and Gogreen taxi Split offer to bring citizens who want to participate in the protest free of charge for the gathering. sourcesource

Free bus transport organized to the protest group in Split from Trogir, Omis, Trilava, Dugopolje, Kaštel Stari i Stobreč. source

British Conservative author, historian and journalist, Robin Harris, says there are no reasons to believe the Istanbul Convention will have any practical effect on protecting women from abuse - a conclusion based on the experience in the countries that have already ratified it. Former adviser to the British Cabinet in the final years of Margaret Thatcher's government (1987-1990) and later a long serving private secretary to the former British Prime Minister, Robin Harris has sharply criticised Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković for suggesting the opponents of the Convention's ratification in Croatia have failed to read it. Speaking in an interview to Split-based Slobodna Dalmacija newspaper, Robin Harris said it appears that Mr. Plenković himself had his eyes and mind very firmly shut while reading Croatia, Prime Minister Plenković is publicly and openly threatening members of parliament opposed to ratification with deselection from the electoral lists determined by the party's leadership. All this has contributed to Croatia internationally acquiring an image of a wonderful country with most terrible politicians - a healthy society that is run by a dysfunctional state, Robin Harris concludes.'> source

Dubravka Šuica (HDZ); more than a billion kuna is needed for the implementation of the convention  source ... while at the same time there is no money for medication for children!!
(note: + HRK 1.5 billion for anti-Croatian associations!!)

source “Those that are opposed to the ratification of the Istanbul Convention do not support violence against women, they are rather opposed to the gender ideology that it contains. Although the term “gender” already exists in certain Croatian laws, it has been defined in the Istanbul Convention for the first time as a construct of society that is separate from biological sex, which is the main postulate of gender ideology,” said Kristina Pavlović.  “If we are a sovereign state we should be able to adopt and implement quality laws on preventing violence on our own, and not introduce controversial, dangerous and very expensive ideologies under the guise of prevention of violence,” she added. It was said at the news conference that judging by results of public debate on the government's e-counselling website in July 2017, in which 80% of participants were against the Istanbul Convention, its ratification in parliament would be opposed to the will of the majority of Croatian citizens.

Thompson and family will be present "protect the fundamental values of our people and our homeland" , while the churches are calling for prayers and participation.  


Gender ideology - rejecting the differences between men and women - and it's absurdity in action:  

(source) 'New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard absolutely smoked the competition, beating her nearest competitor, a Samoan woman, by nearly 20 kilograms. The only problem is that Laurel is a biological male, born Gavin, which is why a number of the competitors felt the competition was unfair. But of course it’s unfair. Hubbard is a male, not a female, and even after months of hormone treatments, he still has unfair advantages over the other women, who sacrificed for years to make it to this elite level, only to lose to a man. How is that right? As one woman tweeted in response to this news, “Imagine training for this your whole life, as a woman, only to have a known leader in men's weightlifting take your title.”'

(V4 Report, source) Croatia ??: Despite the “slick spin” from PM Andrej Plenkovic, there was “No Change” in the Church’s position regarding the Istanbul Convention and its introduction of “gender ideology”.

Plenkovic is starting to feel the pressure and has resorted to intimidation tactics and propaganda in an effort to silence his opposition. This is not surprising, Plenkovic was trained by Brussels; he is loyal to the EU first and they are pushing for its ratification. Plenkovic probably does not even understand the Convention, but he will not buck the EU either. While rather pathetic, this strategy is starting to backfire on him.

** “Archbishop Puljić hasn't made any great turnabout in the Church's stance about the Istanbul Convention but has rather given Prime Minister Andrej Plenković the opportunity to stop the ratification and get back to dialogue with all social stakeholders," Željka Markić of the “In the Name of the Family” association told Hina.

"As far as I understood, Puljić welcomed the interpretive statement accompanying the convention and the prime minister's readiness to take account of numerous objections by citizens, civil groups, HAZU (The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts), the Matica Hrvatska and the HBK" about the harmfulness of ratifying the Istanbul Convention, she said.

HRAST party leader Ladislav Ilčić believes that Puljić is obviously seeking an answer about the legal effect of the interpretive statement, which still hasn't been given.

"That the Church now welcomes the Istanbul Convention with the interpretive statement is the media's interpretation. At its plenary session, the HBK explicitly said that it does not support the Istanbul Convention. The statements by Archbishop Puljić are actually questions to Prime Minister Plenković about the legal effect of the interpretive statement. Statements in the form of questions are by no means at the level of explicitness of the HBK plenary session, which opposed the ratification," Ilčić underscored.

“It is ridiculous to claim that the interpretive statement has any legal weight. It was prepared with the aim of confusing the public and obviously some prominent people in the Church. I am not aware of what was said exactly at the meeting between the archbishop and the prime minister, nor what was said before or after that meeting, however, I can commend the prime minister's PR experts for this excellent media operation," HRAST MP Hrvoje Zekanović said. He is a member of the ruling coalition.

*** Despite the slanderous and self-righteous smears of the media, Croatians are rightfully fighting back.

A distinguished professor at the Medical School in Zagreb and Split, Dr. Matko Marušić, addressed an open letter to Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on the Istanbul Convention. ...........Plenkovic is no match for Marušić.


 The Western world every day is closer to Sodom and Gomorrah, and we know well how this story ended, says Martin Pauk, an independent city councilor (source)

(source) Croatian Home Defenders association Zadar will be present! 
HOS, present! source

Media Slobodna Dalmacija claimed only 775 people would participate in Split. Dnevno and are anti-Croatian as well.
This same media keeps silent about 13 of the 14 captured Serbian terrorists after throwing bombs and shooting around Vukovar being released! source

Split 12.04.2018> left picture, against the Istanbul Convention, right picture; counterrally (see here) with handful people same day for the Istanbul Convention

V4 Report writes "Split, Croatia ??: Awesome. 50,000 Croatians rally against the Istanbul Convention and “gender ideology”.  PM Plenkovic, a manipulative international media and the leaders of the EU continue their assault on the culture, values and beliefs of Central Europe."

How many participants were present is hard to tell, V4 reports 50.000, other pages 15.000. The event was held on a Thursday, children and teenagers go to school, people work, it must have been surely less than in Zagreb which was held on a Saturday. The day after the event that Thursday, the parliament would vote for or against the convention.

hilarious, the women are wearing shirts with the text 'am waiting for the tram', refering to the lie after the first rally in which was claimed only 5000 participants were present in Zagreb, hence the other 45000 people must have been waiting on the tram

Bad Blue Boys (supporters Croatian football Dinamo) and Torcida (Hajduk Split supporters) put their differences aside when it comes to serious buiness.
Their banner says 'and here is another 5000', referring to Bozinovic's lie as well. 









The wonderful friars from Sinj came as well, do check out their pictures here, and a fantastic video here by friar Ivan Lukac

More pictures, nuns priests banners St. Michael etc can be found here, source

the event could be seen live on various channels, another banner there against paganism. Croatia is a christian country. God created man and woman, not two Eve's or two Adam's.

banner 'Plenkovic don't be a Judas!' Fra Mario Knezović was also present, find his fb page and pictures here, website here

Beautiful, at the end of the rally a rosary in the form of balloons was sent into the air, see the video here

banner 'the modern heathen in a charming pose, hired by a stranger to chain us', a quote by Antun Gustav Matoš (was a Croatian poet, short story writer, journalist, essayist and travelogue writer)


The Istanbul Convention falls into the field of crime, not politics (source)

After the ratification while there is no money for medication for children,  Plenkovic hands out buckets of money to install the Istanbul convention rules. (source)


Democracy or DemoNcracy? May 2018: Mayor of municipality Gradac Mate Burić banned collecting signatures for a Istanbul referendum source
Speaking of Istanbul, let these monsters take responsibility for the Armenian Christian genocide (raping children, sounds familiar??!) which they, along with their fellow occupiers in Israel deny source
Turks tied two Armenian people together, threw them in a river, and shot only one to let the other be pulled under and drown. 
Serbs drilled the legs of the Croats, pulled their teeth and put salt on their wounds, source