Serb Dusan Ivkovic (51), convicted of rape in occupied Vukovar 1991, to flee while the other convicted rapist Rade Ivkovic (59) fled immediately after charges were laid against him. Dusan was a policeman under suspension, was in receipt of half his salary at all times, that the Police Union secured a solicitor for his defence while the victim of his rapes was left to fend for herself with only some help from the Women in Homeland War Association. Serb Rade Ivkovic, who was sentenced to eight years by the court in Vukovar on Monday, fled immediately after charges were laid, most likely to Serbia, and Dusan Ivkovic did that the day after his sentence was handed down in court. 

(Reportedly the two Ivkovics are not related) source

The youngest rape victim had six years, the oldest 80 years. 

"There were three already there. One of them determined which order would be. That night in Olajica I was raped by six men ... they tortured me in every way ... In the same area was my six year old sister and eight-month-old daughter who was crying very much." This is a dramatic statement by one of the many women raped by members of the 1991 aggressor army and paramilitary formation in Vukovar. source 


(source) In Mitrovica, they raped me every night. She was only 23 years old, had a something older husband and five-year-old boy. It was actually the beginning of life. And then suddenly he had that terrible war around you. It took five years to get to collect the power to speak about the traumas she is living with in front of the psychiatrist. It took many years to tell her husband about these horrors. It took two decades to publicly open up, in front of completely unknown people, about that terrible fall in 1991 in her native Vukovar.
My son was with my family at Mitnica. He was suffering from asthma, so I went for medication. I came to an outdoor area. ..
>This story needs to be translated but it's so horrible that it costs a lot of effort to get thru the tsunami of anger and sadness before translating yet another few lines. - will be done, but not, today.