HOS and Croatian hero Jean-Michel Nicollier (1 July 1966 – 20 November 1991) was a French volunteer and Croatian soldier in the Croatian War of Independence who was killed in the Vukovar massacre. He told his mother: "I want to help these people, they need me. I have to go, but I'll be back. You know that I'm a wild grass that never goes away." In July 1991, he boarded the train and arrived in Zagreb completely alone. There he joined the Croatian Defence Forces and was set off to the front along the Kupa river in Banovina.

In September 1991, Nicollier arrived in Vukovar with the last volunteers. Nicollier fought across the Vukovar battlefields and was wounded twice in the three months he was there. On 9 November 1991 he was wounded in the leg by a fragmentation grenade, and was transported to the Vukovar hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Nicollier stayed in the Vukovar hospital until the fall of Vukovar on 18 November 1991.

On 20 November 1991, he was interviewed by a French reporter, Agnes Vahramian, and described his experience in Vukovar as "a slaughterhouse".

The same day, he was taken from the hospital by Yugoslav People's Army and paramilitary Serb forces and transported to the Ovčara farm. 

At Ovčara, according to later witness testimonies, a man named Kemo took Nicollier from the hangars, at which point Nicollier was viciously beaten, and killed by a gunshot to the head by one Spasoje Petković, who then took 20 francs from his pocket. Nicollier's remains were among sixty not subsequently found. 
2016> his monument smeared with red paint (source)




2014, Split: Thousands of citizens welcomed the monument to the HOS. The monument for the killed members of the IX. battalion "Rafael vitez Boban" HOS, honoring and giving recognition to the the legendary war unit after 23 years. This monument is the only monument to the HOS in Croatia. Through IX. more than 2,500 warriors passed, of which, in five years of warfare, 46 members died, while 300 were wounded.  
2014; monument smeared with red paint (source)




2018 - The monument for the fallen Croatian war veterans in Novi Travnik was again damaged. This is the second time in the last half of the year that the monument for the veterans is physically damaged. After destroying the cross on 13 October 2017 and throwing it into a well, the target was now the marble vases for the flowers that are on both sides of the monument. source


2011 - Borovo Selo, a monument to twelve police officers was desecrated. Someone wiped the wax from lit lanterns on a monument, then stomped all the lampposts and candles at the foot of the monument. source





2018 - Zagreb Dubrava; an unknown person sprayed the communist red star on the monument, which was placed for the 74 Croatian Homeland war defenders killed in war. The meaning of the five-pointed star is in contrast to the basic Christian symbol, another attempt to destabilize Croatia sourcesource, source










2012 - 2016 Another mural vandalized. This time on the mural which was devoted to the 4th Guardian Brigade and its legendary commander, Major General Andrija Matijaš Pauk, in Solin. Two other murals created by Torcida were vandalized before, one devoted to the irish volunteer of the Homeland War Thomas Crowley source and one which was devoted to French volunteer Jean Michel Nicollier. 


Recommendation on the matter:  ..... wireless outside camera's

2018, second attack. DUBRAVA: A monument to the fallen Croatian defenders has been attacked again. Now they tried to ignite it. source
n the mean time in Gvozd, the police advises the (normal) Serbs who have been attacked (again) by cetniks not to befriend Croatian veterans because it annoys the cetniks!!!! source

2019, a monument for Croatian heroes in Dubrovnik destroyed by cetnik swines, source

2019 (source) Split -  a stone was thrown at the Teplju Memorial plaque (remembering/honoring those who were sent to Serbian concentraion camps), a clear and open message to the perpetrators and an attack on all values of the Homeland War as well as the institutions of the Republic of Croatia

2019 (source) Sisak - vandals again targeted a monument to honor the killed Croatian defenders