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ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia)> Since the war criminal Seselj was free to walk and Praljak sentenced, it is obvious that no justice is to be found in that puppet show. There is no justice to be found either with a corrupt government in Croatia. So the least one can do is to document and collect. 
The Homeland war in Croatia did not end. It has stopped by the use of weapons, but continued with spreading lies and disinformation. The majority of war criminals still walk free, some even work in the Croatian police. There is no respect for the Homeland defenders, the veterans, who are committing suicide at an alarming rate. 
Anti-Croat policies are being installed to destroy the love for a mans nation (patriotism), soil is being sold, history is being falsified and rules are being enforced by politicians the people did not even vote on. 

There is no justice neither freedom in Croatia as long as Serbian criminals and Yugoslavs are in the government of the Republic of Croatia and in the State Parliament.