Having lost the war and not getting their hands on Croatian soil doesn't mean the Serbian hatred towards Croatia vanished. 

Serb Vojislav Šešelj  (in Belgrade) provoked Zagreb by saying he wanted to return to Croatia “armed, on a tank” source 

April 11, 2018 - Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Šešelj is responsible for the persecution and deportation of Vojvodina Croats. Sentenced for a mere 10 years he did not even have to go to prison because he had spent 11.5 years in detention already. This is an complete outrage considering all this uneducated fat monster has done to the Croatians during the 1990s. Not even 24 hours after the verdict he says "I'm ready to repeat my crimes" source

2018 - A group of 30 Serbian cetnik hooligans threw with bottles through the center of Zagreb (Croatia) screaming "This is Serbia!" source, source

2015 - Young cetniks rampage in Vukovar and Baranja (Croatia), while the police only harasses Croats source
The Serbian extremists wreaked havoc in Borovo Selo and the village Uglješ, singing cetnik songs. Instead of arrested and, if possible - expelled from Croatia, Ostoja Ranković's militia harassed Croats in Jagodnjak who were accused of provocating the Serbs. How do you think masked Al-Qaeda muslims would be received in New York?

2018 (source)> Parliamentary Representative and Croatian homeland defender Stevo Stiv Culej has long been in the possession of horrific photographs of assassinated policemen in Borovo Selo. With these photographs, for years he has been seeking help from the institutions (without any succes) so that the perpetrators who are known to punish this war crime. Among the male defeated defenders there was also his brother Stiva Culeja. 

2016 (source) 'This is Serbia, we will slaughter the Croats' cemetery in Osijek (Croatia) vandalized