For the 75 brutal killings in Tovarnik in 1991, nobody is held responsible.

25 years ago Tovarnik made a great sacrifice in creating a free and independent Croatia. The names of these 75 memorial memories are permanently reminded of the sacrifice they have submitted. The attack on Tovarnik began at the beginning of the holiday of St. Matthew, patron of the parish, and lasted three days when Tovarnik was occupied on September 22, 1991. After the occupation of the village many people were killed, many homes demolished and burned. The church of St. Matthew, the apostle and the evangelist was destroyed.

Killing, beating to death, starvation, all kinds of physical and psychological torture, which healthy human mind can hardly imagine, was a horrible everyday life in the house/camp of the deceased dr. Đorđa Cvejićać, where by at least 300 Croatian war veterans at the end of 1991 civilians, predominantly from Tovarnika and surrounding places passed thru. People who were not killed in this house after the torture were taken away and killed and thrown into a mass grave where the battered and murdered parish priest Ivan Burik was also killed. Ivan Burik spent the majority of his priesthood, 28 years in Tovarnik. Some of the villagers were taken to camps in Serbia, mostly in Begejce and Sremska Mitrovica.

After the occupation of Tovarnik, all Croats had to wear white bandages around their hands and have white sheets on the house. The police watch was valid only for Croats ....

After the exile of 1997, a mass grave was exhumed and 53 other victims were exhumed from the secondary tombs and jointly returned to the last resting place at Tovarnik Cemetery on January 31, 1998. In memory of this sad event, January 31 in Tovarnik is marked as "The Day When Tovarnik Cried".


Ivan Burik, a pastor from Tovarnik was killed by the chetniks on the staircase of the parish basement (source)