Denying Serbian aggression should be forbidden by law!

2013 - A Croatian war veteran was brutally beaten by a  "Croatian" police officer while attempting to remove a bilingual Cyrillic sign on a government building in Vukovar. The war veteran, Darko Pajčić, was no ordinary war veteran. He was only 18 years when he dropped out of school, equipped with only his running shoes and a rifle, to defend his beloved Vukovar. This man was tortured in a Serbian concentration camp. And to add salt to the wound, the "Croatian" officer responsible for the beating was a Serb, who fought AGAINST Croatian forces in 1991. 

Croatian Minister of Internal Affairs, Ranko Ostojić, stated that ‘alcohol is to blame’ for the incident. Really, Mr. Ostojić? Was alcohol to blame for this war veteran, who likely suffers from PTSP, to lie there injured in his own blood while police officers stand around and debate whether to call for medical help? Was alcohol to blame for the war from ’91-95? Is this how we treat our war veterans? When did a bilingual sign, a sign that should not even be there, become more important than a human life?

It is time for action! The Association for the Defense of Vukovar needs to rally and the people of Croatia need to stand up for the the rights of CROATIAN people, not always focusing on a small minority that makes up the population. It is time that our war veterans be treated with dignity and respect! It is time that government institutions employ Croats, and not those that ravaged our homeland! It is time for Croatia to rid themesleves of the red communists that are leading this country given to us from God, into complete destruction! It is time for this Serbian man disguised in a Croatian police uniform to be brought to justice! source

Name of the Serb killer (source): Saša Sabadoš
Darko Pajčić, the man who survived the war, died of the beatings and serious head injuries that he got from Ostojic's police on 12 November 2013 in Vukovar source

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Vukovar 1991 - a picture of the Serbian wild horde of killers. Till this very day, none on the picture are held accountable

source 2019> Radical Bosniaks near Mostar stoned Croatian cars returning from Vukovar. 
Nothing has changed since the war. It's still a warzone all over, Serbs and degenerated Croats (Bosniaks who adopted muslim religion) attacking Croatians.